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WINSTON McKENZIE writes “Election Fever!” Are you blowing hot or cold?

19 May WINSTON McKENZIE writes “Election Fever!” Are you blowing hot or cold?

by Winston McKenzie

The forthcoming General Election shall result in the biggest land-slide victory by any British political party post-war – though possibly the lowest turnout for some time, as Brexit looms large over our Nation, and distinctly determines who we vote for.

Every political Party is submitting policies – but hey! Brexit rules! OK?

Some of the policies recently submitted by the Tories seem grossly unfair, and are in fact atrocious – charging parents of young infants for school meals, and the absurd idea of pensioners, who being unable to care for themselves, having to pay a ‘death tax’ for palliative care!

Our Prime Minister will have made many enemies with the announcement of these aforementioned ideas.

Many of us would not be seen dead with the Tories. However, we have no option. They are the only competent Party able to deal with the suitable implementation of plans for a good Brexit.

If in doubt, ask yourself;- What are the alternatives?

The Labour Party is practically split down the middle as they spend, spend, spend their way to disaster. Jeremy Corbyn’s top-flight MPs have little or no regard for him as a Leader.

The Limp-Dems appear to be a real angry bunch!

And UKIP are lacking a competent Leader, or relevant direction.

The country is in a state of political chaos! The situation is appalling, to say the least. Our options are few.

Batten down the hatches!

I suggest:- When you leave your home, on Thursday 8th June, General Election Day;- hold one hand in the direction of the way the wind is blowing, hold your nose with the other hand, and … Vote Conservative!

Having committed the terrible deed, against your will, try to make your way back home!