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Samaria – The Story of Right Now (Short Film)

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Samaria – The Story of Right Now (Short Film)

Tsunami Mob singer/songwriter, Samaria is here today with a new short film for “Story of Right Now,” which takes us along a wild ride of falling in love with a bad guy. From their first encounter, the relationship comes together quickly, but their romance takes a turn as she finds herself wrapped up in his dangerous lifestyle.


  • Production Company: Red Audio
  • Executive Producer: Samaria, Ro.Lexx
  • Producer: Ro.Lex
  • Director: Anthony Supreme
  • Director of Photography: Russ Fraser
  • Colorist: David Torcivia
  • VFX: Jamie Willvams
  • Editor: Dark August
  • Creative Director: Nicky Lifestyle
  • Cast: Nicky LifeStyle, Eric Watson

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