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Robert Wyndham writes “This is a GENERAL Election, not another referendum”

20 Apr Robert Wyndham writes “This is a GENERAL Election, not another referendum”

by Robert Wyndham

General Election eh,only day one and already the media can only focus on Theresa May refusing ITVs offer to appear on a reality show, sorry a serious and important political debate. For which no doubt they would charge their advertisers twice as much as normal.

Lets be realistic here, what has May got to gain from appearing ? Not a lot, whereas the rest of the pack, Corbyn, Fallon, Sturgeon etc have nothing to lose.What do these “Leaders” !! intend to ask her that they don’t already ask every week at Prime Ministers Question Time ?

If the general public is that interested in the same old rhetoric, watch that. She says she prefers to meet the public face to face and get her message across that way. Okay, if thats so, then offer one separate week each to Corbyn, Fallon and her leggy mate Nicola and go with each one in turn to actually meet the public and put their respective cases. The press follow her around anyway, her press office presumably, let the general Press Corps know where she will be appearing so what’s the problem ? She just has to agree to meet with ORDINARY people, not just Tory lackeys. Everybody wins yes ???

Now, lets consider the three leading contenders to the Tories.Labour, supposedly the official Opposition party, Lib-Dems and SNP. I won’t spend too much time on the Greens or UKIP. Why ? well, in my humble opinion, the Greens would be okay if the world as a whole would all come together, sit round a campfire and sing Kumbaya. Trouble is, I don’t think the likes of Mr. Assad in Syria or the North Koreans know the words. UKIP, who ?, what ? They got what they wanted with the referendum result. Now they should pack it all in and just fade away. Oh, in case any Welsh Nats are reading this, sorry I can’t spell Plaid Cymru. Which leads me onto Nicola’s team.

This is a GENERAL Election, not another referendum for Scottish Independence. By the way,you lost that one girl. So what would you ask Theresa May in a debate? You want independence, we know. The Tories and Labour don’t, so what else are you going to discuss? Oh, the European Market thing. Well, isn’t that what Theresa says this election is all about anyway ? The SNP don’t like Brexit, but again, we, the United Kingdom (which you don’t like ), have had a vote on that already. Guess what, you lost that one as well girl. Onwards, Lib-Dems, I’m not sure what they believe in. Liberalism? if that’s free love, count me in.

Democracy? Well, back to the EU referendum, the majority (apart from Scotland, I’ll give you that one Nicola) voted for the exit door. So why is Tim Fallon still banging on about it? Had his mate Nick Clegg promised him a cushy job in Brussels or something? Democratic vote Tim, you lost son. Get over it, move on. Get your Lib- Dem council buddies in Sutton or wherever to empty the bins more often.

Lastly, our Comrade Jeremy. Is it just me, or does he come across to anyone else as appearing to be Ed Millibands and Michael Foots love child? Sorry, let me take a moment to erase that thought.

So, moving on. Corbyn now seems to want to try and run a Donald Trump type, ” I’m Anti-Establishment/ I’m different” so vote for me campaign. Even a large proportion, if not the majority, of his own MPs don’t want him. They are probably already planning which one stabs him in the back on June 9th.

So folks, when and if the s–t hits the fan, who you gonna call? Theresa, Jeremy, Tim or Nicola (maybe not Nicola, she will be busy rebuilding Hadrians Wall ) Good luck to all of us.