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Regular forum at Basildon University Hospital wins award

05 Feb Regular forum at Basildon University Hospital wins award

A regular forum at Basildon University Hospital where staff from all backgrounds discuss their feelings about work, has won a Point of Care award at the National Schwartz Rounds Conference.

Schwartz Rounds were launched at the trust in July 2014 to allow hospital staff to come together to talk about the emotional and social challenges of caring for patients in an increasingly pressured environment.

They have proved very popular with attendances regularly hitting around 100 members of staff, including managerial, clinical, administrative and support service staff. Feedback about the sessions is strongly positive.

Now one of the rounds, entitled ‘Mission Impossible’ has won ‘the most powerful round’ award by the Point of Care Foundation, an independent charity that works to support healthcare staff. The round discussed the impact of short staffing and proved to be very emotive.