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Matthew Martino and EssexTV part ways

17/11/2017 – ANNOUNCEMENT 

This week, we received reports of very controversial press surrounding one of our company directors Matthew Martino (Mathetes Chihwai).

The decision by Mr. Martino’s charitable trust to appoint Tommy Robinson as a goodwill ambassador has come as a big shock to the Essex TV & Essex Magazine board, we have built this company with a view of growing and bonding the Essex community – hence our slogan “Bringing Essex Together”.

After an investigation of the facts surrounding Mr Martino & Mr Robinson’s relationship; we announce that his employment as a director of EssexTV has been terminated with immediate effect.

Mr Martino who was also a shareholder of both EssexTV Ltd and ESTV Mag Ltd has sold all his entire shareholding to Mr Tim Tiernan & Mr Alin Stacescu.

Please note: Termination of directorship is now reflected in our Companies House records whilst the change in shareholding will be updated at our next Annual Returns.

– Tim Tiernan, CEO of EssexTV