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“Just be yourself without all the Extreme makeup” writes Nathan Thursfield

28 Aug “Just be yourself without all the Extreme makeup” writes Nathan Thursfield

I’ve never really been much for prides.


They are a good concept and a great way of showing that we are who we are and not some closet fudge packers.


I must admit, I’ve never been to a pride! I am going to be touring them next year! See what all the fuss is about.


Only thing I don’t like is when you get the “typical” gay who prances around in skinny tight pants or even ladies thongs… My HATE is men wearing HOT pants it makes me cringe.


I’m gay myself and wouldn’t ever dream of doing that. It sets a bad example I think on the judgement of us “gays” just be yourself without all the Extreme makeup. I do like it when they actually do the parade and walk around towns… You get the typical stocky pissed up Nobhead blokes who start giving you the daggers or the wannabe McDonald’s brows/ fake tan eyelashes dole dossing girls who start hauling abuse because there scared you’ll take there man!


Prides are a great way of showing that the LGBT should be accepted and everyone is equal regardless of sexuality, religion, race, we are as one.


I do like when other celebrities get involved… there is most certainly a few closet queens in the public eye. I could name a few…


I have watched prides online etc and when my friends post videos or snaps of them there.. There are some of the most dreadful singers!!! That’s what lets prides down.. When they book these Timberlake/pussycat dolls wannabes. Awful.


Like Manchester Pride does book some great performs! I’ve watched videos of Katy B there this weekend… And then Fleur East… She brings some Sax and sass. Love her!


I was going to attend as I was in Manchester having treatments at The Ainscow having Cryotherapy by Jordanne, but thought ugh I can’t be doing with some of them.


They do raise a lot of awareness and do they The LGBT be free and be who they are. Like I said before we shouldn’t have to do them we should all be accepted for who we are.