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Expenses claiming procedure

EssexTV may require staff to travel on official business, to film locations or attend an event in our official capacity and will reimburse claimants for the costs of travelling. The preferred purchasing route for travel services is through the EssexTV’s account holding travel organisations, which will be paid directly or using public transport.

Travel and subsistence claims, as some of EssexTV’s expenditure, are met from public funds, and attract public attention therefore it is imperative that there is full compliance with this policy and that claims are processed in a consistent and effective manner.

Terms & Conditions

  • All expenses must be authorised and no claimant may authorise their own claim. By authorising transactions, the authoriser is confirming that the costs have been incurred and incurred necessarily for the purposes of the channel’s business, that there is sufficient budget to cover the expense and that supporting documentation, such as a receipt, is presented.
  • Credit cards – The channel may, at its discretion, issue credit cards to certain individuals for business use. The normal procedures for reclaiming business expenditure, as set out in this policy, will also apply to credit card expenditure. If you have been issued with such a credit card, you should endeavour to use this facility where possible.
  • In order to comply with HM Revenue & Customs requirements expenses reimbursed to you will only be made on production of receipts or invoices. Non-attachment of receipts will mean that the item(s) may be disallowed from the claim. Mileage claims do not require receipts unless fuel is being claimed for.
  • Film crews who work a full filming day exceeding 10hours get a £5 lunch supplement.
  • Parking fees ARE NOT claimable.
  • All expenses must be claimed within 30 days of the event or filming production.

Authorised Travel Companies
1. Virgin Trains
2. Most Essex based taxi firms
3. Uber
4. Arriva Bus
5. Easyjet – Business Account Holder