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Ellie Weekender talks all things CELEBS GO DATING – THE FINALE!!!

12 Mar Ellie Weekender talks all things CELEBS GO DATING – THE FINALE!!!

It’s the never ending love story… 

I can’t believe it’s the finale of Celebs Go Dating my guilty pleasure!

Can I just say Tom the receptionist has been absolutely brilliant, such a character who is obviously so in love with Joey! 

To be honest Joey is like the one night stand lad! Perri is the lad I would marry and Mr JC is like hmmm…. Nando’s maybe?

On another note Fearne!!! She reminds me of me so much, she didn’t have a date for the finale date and saw herself as second best! I can relate myself to this, good old Vicky Pattison gave her some top tips! Fearne needs to realise she is a hottie and doesn’t needs the lads! 

Why on earth did Jonathan choose her as his date! He so should have picked the Kim k Body Double, that way he at least had a new lover and his best mate at hand! What more does a guy need?!?

The girl who Joey chose was a stunner however I reckon it will be a one night stand kind of thing then a bye! Joey doesn’t know what day it is never mind what girl is he seeing?! 

How cute is Jorgie Porter seeing herself as a 4 out of 10 to now a 7 just proves how much Celebs Go Dating has helped her! But I think she’s always been a 10/10! 

The finale of Celebs Go Dating has been amazing! Some may have found love

others may not but what an experience they just have had! 

Tom has been my absolute favourite throughout the series and kept the show on a high. It worries me if hotties like these celebs can’t get a date what hope do I have?! #EllieWeekender 

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