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David Weekender on #CBB: Who Should Have Been Evicted And Who Will Win

18 Jan David Weekender on #CBB: Who Should Have Been Evicted And Who Will Win

By David Weekender


Tonight we saw James Jordan evicted from the Big Brother house. Personally I feel like James wasn’t the right person to leave the house. Even though he was a wind up merchant and could become irate I thought he was funny and brought a lot to the house. 

I think that Jedward should have been evicted as they cannot take any criticism. You can’t even have a conversation with them, without them getting defensive.

It’s boring and very annoying!
Speaking of defensive, Kim is so paranoid that no one can speak without her jumping down their throat. Calm down love! 

I mean Nicola isn’t my favourite but honestly it’s as if Kim has some sort of vendetta against her. Kim also had a massive melt down during the nominations where she was screaming and shouting at everyone. It’s as if Kim is trying to cause as much trouble as she possibly can and she’s playing a game.

I think that Kim should be next to be evicted because she is so negative and irate all the time. Yawn.

I absolutely love Chloe, she’s so real and down to earth and I want her to win. I think it’s between Chloe and Calum as he has a huge following on social media and is very likeable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my column and look out for the new series of Ibiza Weekender starting in February.

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