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Balcony // Today’s idealists.

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Balcony // Today’s Idealists


2016. There are still some underground scenes that exist and thrive away from the mainstream culture. A youth either apolotical or politically leaning to the left is gathering all around London, in their own secret places…


Like a hidden gem behind Stamford Brook underground station in West London, after a few-minute walk through Wilson Walk, is the Arch Studio. At the end of the corridor, whose walls are impregnated with a smell of sweat, a band plays upstairs in the rehearsal room with the arched ceiling. Their name is Balcony. They’re a London-based unsigned band composed of four music lovers — although only three of them are present today — playing their instruments, singing their heart out and slowly escaping what is.


A beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, their outfits range from skinny black jeans, loose fitting t-shirts, vintage velvet jackets and ‘Beatles boots’ to trainers, Doc Martens and leather coats. A mix of different vintage styles that resonate with their very aerial, galactic, psychedelic sounds.

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